Our Mission Focused on quality, Vora Group Global has aimed to maintain the role of the most preferred supplier of hygienic consumer goods in domestic and abroad market with its innovative products. Vora Group Global adopts that customer service needs to be on the highest level in order to strenghten trust among customers, company and employees. Our Vision To be a well known brand in Turkey and all around the world, and being an active company with its own unique quality and principles in the national market. To be a leading company in its sector. Firstly, to perform ability to apply the rules of National and International requirements in our foundation. And to show a maximum effort to ensure the continuity of the foundation by moral ways. Our Basic Values, • Customers are our driving force, we create the best conditions for them. • We do not compromise the principles of business ethics and honest work. • We provide new values to society and the economy. • Our only standard is "EXCELLENCE". Our Quality Conception Meeting the customer needs in the highest quality level is our basic principle, partially nowadays when customer demands and expectations constantly change. Adherence to this principle, company aims to have products which customers can buy without hesitation regarding to to following specifications: • Safe • Accordance with the standards • Aesthetic appearance • Cost-effective Vora Group Global will be a company which renew itself constantly with the participation of all employees in order to perform these targets.

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